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Vineyard Visit with Campings du Lac du Jaunay

For a few years now, the wines of Vendée have become more and more talked about.

Many visitors discover this vineyard and, at the end of their holidays, they bring back bottles in their suitcases. The appellation is divided into 4: Mareuil, Brem, Vix and Pissotte, Fiefs Vendéens. A hundred passionate winegrowers who produce, over 480 hectares each year, more than 25,000 hectolitres of wines with delicate bouquet and varied aromas. The whites - fresh and light - as well as rosés with a strong personality perfectly get together with fish and shellfish. Some reds - sometimes intoxicating - can become excellent winesvins de garde. Since February 11, 2011, the Fiefs-Vendéens have obtained the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée. One of the main assets of the Vendée production? Its sunshine above average, very profitable to the vine. Thus, the Mareuil region offers lively and fruity wines, Brem's, clearer and cooler beverages with a delicate apple flavor.

The department of the Vendée preserved the family tradition of vine growing over the centuries. Since good food go hand in hand with good wine, wine tourism is an opportunity to discover the Vendée by exploring the fiefdoms. On this occasion, bike rides in the heart of the vineyards, wine tastings in the cellar and tours of the new wine cellars are organized by the four campsites of Campings du Lac du Jaunay in partnership with the surrounding vine-growers.